In any bathroom renovation, bathroom fixtures like faucets are aspects that you should consider upgrading. Some homeowners may think of bathroom faucets in Mandurah as simple parts of their plumbing hardware. Still, in reality, it is an essential element of the overall functionality and design of the bathroom.

Will you use your old sink, or are you planning to have a new one installed. Where is the faucet opening in your sink? How about the feature and functionality you require? You may also have to consider your budget and the style that will suit your bathroom design.

At Mandurah Bathroom Renovations, we know that picking the right faucet for your bathroom can be a complex process because of the factors you need to consider. That is why we have gathered some of the best bathroom faucets on the market. Check out the faucet types we recommend and determine what you think will work best with your bathroom.

Bridge Faucet

This type of faucet has a sleek and minimalist bridge-like design. Although the bridge faucet is commonly used in a traditionally designed bathroom, it can also be a rustic addition to modern bathrooms. The levers and the faucet are branched off of one singular unit. So they are typically used with undermount sinks with two holes. Besides that, since the faucet will be attached to the bathroom countertop, it can be a lot easier to keep your sink or vanity area clean and hygienic.

Touchless Faucet

With a simple swipe of the hand, you can turn on and off a touchless faucet. Since it has a motion sensor that signals the water to flow through the spout, you no longer need to turn a knob or handle. Due to that, you can avoid spreading germs and grime on your faucet’s knobs or handles. Besides that, it is also a good addition to your bathroom because it turns off automatically when you finish using the sink. You will also not be limited when it comes to the style you wish to attain because touchless faucets come in a variety of contemporary design options.

Wall-Mounted Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are faucets that are fixed to the walls of your bathroom. Compared to the traditional ones directly mounted to the sink, this alternative can let you explore more for your vanity or sink design. You can use them with an inset basin sink or a freestanding vessel. However, if you choose this faucet, you will have to get a wall-mounted valve connection because the water supply line must accommodate the sink’s height. Besides that, you also have to carefully measure the spout’s height to ensure that the spout will channel the water to your sink and not on your bathroom floor.

Widespread Faucet

One of the most sought-after bathroom faucet types for residential properties is a widespread faucet. Widespread faucets are typically used on sinks with three holes since they will need one for the spigot and two for the knobs. They have hot and cold knobs that are separate from the spout. Since the hot and cold water connection is concealed below the counter, it will give your sink a seamless and clean finish. Moreover, this is an excellent choice for those who prefer to have a non-traditional look for their faucet because you can set the spout and handles in unique ways.

Center-Set Faucet

If you are scouring for a traditional and affordable faucet for your sink, a centre-set faucet might be the one for you. Since its spout and handles are connected in a single unit, it can easily fit a vanity or basin sink of any size. Besides that, you will not have a problem searching for a design that will suit your sink because it comes in a myriad of style options.

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